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The National Education Union represents the majority of teachers and education professionals in the UK and is committed to making the education sector a great place to work and learn.

In the UK today, 31% of our children - 4.3 million - are trapped in poverty. That means the equivalent of 9 pupils in every class of 30 have been let down.

The NEU’s No Child Left Behind campaign calls on the government to take urgent action to break down the barriers to learning that poverty creates for so many children and young people, so every child can thrive in school.

Staff in schools and colleges are really worried about what they see unfolding in front of them. NEU members are witnessing the negative impacts of hunger and malnutrition:  if a child hasn’t eaten, they cannot concentrate, learn or fulfil their potential. This connects very directly to whether children and teenagers learn well. 

The NEU Northern Region are proud to be giving the Greggs Foundation school breakfast club programme £2,000 from the regional council budget to provide 60 pupils with nutritious breakfasts across 39 weeks of year in the North East and Cumbria. We will continue to campaign calling on the Government to leave no child behind.

During the pandemic, schools are working closely with their local communities to reach out to all families who need extra support. But the right national policies must be put in place. We’re calling on the Government to the develop a long-term, cross-departmental strategy to eradicate the poverty faced by the 4.3 million children currently growing up trapped in poverty and to stop an expected 730,000 more children being plunged into poverty by 2024.

Find out how many children in your area are growing up in poverty, and ask your MP to stand with us at  

Beth Farhat

Regional Secretary  

NEU Northern Region