Whether in a school, college or elsewhere in the education service, the role of the workplace representative is a vital one for the National Education Union. Our representatives work on a voluntary basis to build the Union to ensure that we remain the largest and most effective education union. 

You just need the enthusiasm to help your colleagues and to care about the issues facing the profession. We’ll support you with everything else.

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  • You are the NEU

    NEU reps and officers describe how and why they became more active in the union.

What is the role of a rep?

The role of a rep is about wanting to help colleagues and having a positive impact in your workplace. As a rep your role would include providing information to other members in your workplace, ensuring that members continue to have a say about potential changes at work, recruiting new members into NEU membership and acting as a communication link on key education issues between NEU and the members in your workplace.

Why become a rep?

There are many benefits to being involved in the National Education Union.

  • You'll be well informed about education issues and get to influence them.
  • You'll build up a strong network of contacts and it could even open up career opportunities you hadn't considered.
  • With the promise of first-class support from our professional staff and training courses, you don't need to worry about being on your own.
  • Access to FREE reps training courses.

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