Soulbury-paid officers are specialist, professional local authority officers providing strategic support to schools in areas such as school improvement and educational psychology.

The Soulbury Committee determines the salaries and service conditions of the following categories of officers:

  • Educational Improvement Professionals
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Young People’s/Community Service Managers

Soulbury pay 2021/22

The priorities of the Officers' Side pay claim for 2021-22 are as follows: 

  • A significant pay increase of at least 7% on all pay points, which will begin to address the substantial real terms cuts which Soulbury employees have, like other public sector workers, suffered since 2010. 
  • A joint working group to consider the Soulbury pay structure and how the work of Soulbury officers has changed during the pandemic.

This pay and conditions of service claim is submitted by the Officers’ Side of the Soulbury Committee national negotiating body, comprising the Association of Educational Psychologists, the National Education Union and Prospect. Negotiations on the pay claim for 2021-22 are continuing and this page will be updated in due course.

Consultations and trade unions agreement for 2020

The trade unions have reached an agreement with the employers on the following:

  • a 2.75% increase on all Soulbury pay scale points, and all London area and fringe allowances, from 1 September 2020

  • a commitment to further discussions about the Soulbury pay spines and ranges.

The overwhelming majority of those who responded to our consultation on the pay offer agreed that the National Education Union should reach an agreement on this basis.

While the increases are less than what we were seeking, they are consistent with other pay offers in local government this year.

The 2.75% increase is the same as the increase for school leaders.

Download the full details of the 2020 Soulbury pay agreement.

The Soulbury Committee agreed that it is important for employers to negotiate with all of the recognised Soulbury trade unions on any contractual changes.  See the Joint Education Services Circular on Consultation and Negotiation.

Need further advice?

Download additional documents for further information of pay and conditions for Soulbury Officers:

NEU guide to soulbury

NEU guide to soulbury

Soulbury Pay Agreement 2020

Following negotiations, we can confirm that the Soulbury Committee has reached an agreement on a pay award for 2020.

Soulbury Joint Advice on SPA Points

Nationally agreed joint advice to help authorities administer the Soulbury agreement's "Structured Professional Assessment” (SPA) system in a fair and transparent fashion.

Soulbury Report

The national conditions of service for Soulbury officers.