Campaigns on Windrush

The NEU thinks it is critical we encourage more people from the Windrush generation to apply for compensation with the support of trusted organisations to access justice and deal with the onerous bureaucracy of the Home Office.

In May 2018, the Government launched the Windrush Scheme to ensure that members of the Windrush generation could obtain the documentation they need to prove their right to be in the UK. This followed scandalous treatment of people with the right to live in the UK.

The Windrush lawyer and campaigner Jacqueline McKenzie began work to research and explore the number of grassroots organisations working on the implications of the Windrush scandal.

  • It is important that grassroots organisations can be supported to sustain their advocacy and action on Windrush, particularly among communities directly impacted by it. 
  • These mainly small groups and organisations have been leading the work on seeking justice for the victims of the Windrush scandal seeking compensation, and policy change.
  • Funds from local organisations have and will continue to be used to assist those within the Windrush generation who have been detained and threatened with deportation.

Windrush Justice Programme 

The Action for Race Equality (ARE) runs a Windrush Justice Programme. It supports grassroots organisations to provide advocacy and assistance to those affected by the Windrush scandal and their families so they can access compensation and help to prove their settled status, or their right of abode. 

Members, together or collectively, can:-

  • raise awareness of the AREWindrush Justice Programme 
  • ask their NEU school group or local NEU district to make a contribution to the Action for Race Equality or any of the grassroots organisations listed; or
  • individually contribute. 

Many NEU members have worked tirelessly to raise awareness and initiate action in their local area to support the Windrush generation and their children in their pursuit of remedy and justice.

Home Office failings 

The Home Office Windrush compensation scheme is deeply flawed. 

It is vital that the grassroots organisations and advocacy groups continue to operate to provide advocacy and support to victims of the Home Office scandal.

The NEU wants to build support for grassroots organisations that offer comprehensive and specialised support to those impacted and a level of advocacy support, which goes beyond  just ‘’awareness raising’’.

The NEU is urging members to work to actively engage with and support the work that grassroots organisations are doing. It is vital that this work is funded properly so that those negatively impacted by the Windrush scandal can seek justice.

We encourage donations to the following organisations:

Croydon African Caribbean Family Organisation UK 
A local charity serving the Croydon community, providing services such as food and adult day centre services.

Derby West Indian Community Association 

Northamptonshire Rights and Equalities Council 
Offering legal advice and incident support.

Nu Dawn 

Pilgrim Charitable Trust 
Nottingham Windrush Support Forum is supporting and advocating for safe and secure housing for the generation and their descendants across the UK.

Preston Windrush Generation Descendants UK 
This group is a voice for the descendants; the next generation of Windrush and immigrants that have lived here and made the UK their home.

United Legal Access 
Provide free initial legal advice and affordable legal assistance in a range of areas.

Windrush Legal Advice Clinic 

Windrush Defenders Legal CIC 

Windrush National Organisation 

African Caribbean Leadership Company
The African Caribbean Leadership Company (ACLC) Limited, was originally founded in June 1975 by members of the Windrush Generation and has since then operated to service the needs of the African Caribbean community in the London Borough of Haringey and its surrounding areas.

Genisys ARCt
Genisys ARCt is a charity that works to change the inequalities in migrant communities.

Liverpool Advocates for Windrush
Our mission is to provide transparent and professional support to the Windrush community without financial obligation.

Mandala Community Services Ltd

Windrush Justice Programme

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