The NEU is the leading trade union for academy staff, whether leading the negotiations with academy chains or negotiating with individual academies.

As the number of academies and multi-academy trusts changes the shape of education, the NEU must build a strong collective presence in each and every academy. Strong school or college union groups will be necessary to ensure terms and conditions are protected.

The NEU's aim is a representative in every workplace. Whether your school or college becomes a stand-alone academy, a sponsored academy or joins a multi-academy trust, the union wants to help you at work.

This toolkit offers practical guidance, tools and arguments to promote members’ interests and strengthen the union in the course of a transfer to a new employer or for members in an academy. 
Steps to building a collective voice in your school or college:

  • involve members at all stages of the transfer to a new employer
  • encourage members to take an active role in the Union
  • identify staff who are not in a union and ask them to join the NEU
  • talk to representatives of the other unions in your school or college
  • stay in touch with other representatives if your school or college is part of a federation or group of schools or colleges converting
  • contact representatives in other institutions if your school or college is to be sponsored by another school, college, group of schools or multi-academy trust
  • ask management to clarify any issue you or your members are uncertain about during the transfer; it is important for members’ rights that any ambiguities are cleared up
  • be robust in defending your members’ interests, and always put your representations in writing
  • have the NEU’s aims and objectives contained in this document clear in your mind so you know what you want during and after the change of employer
  • keep in touch with your branch secretary and other NEU colleagues throughout the process

Academies : transferring to a new employer

If your school or college is proposing to move to academy status or moving to a new academy employer, you can use the tips, guidance and resources on these pages to work with members to protect your rights for now and into the future.

Working in an academy

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