Strike action in Northern Ireland

Teacher's pay campaign in Northern Ireland

Since the implementation of the pay-freeze in 2010-11, teachers have lost over 20% of their ‘real-terms’ pay. This has seen the value of the profession devalue as a career choice to the detriment of teachers, pupils, and society alike.

NEU and the other NITC unions consulted members on a draft agreement from the employers with a pay offer  which would lead to a significant increase to the starting salary for teachers and an uplift in teachers’ and school leaders pay from 1st September 2023.

The new agreement :

A new starting salary of £30,000 from 1 September 2023, this will be delivered by removing M1 from the Main Pay Scale and uplifting point M2 to £30,000. 

Teachers and School Leaders on all other points will receive a consolidated pay award equating to a cumulative total of 10.4% plus £1000.00. The £1000 is not one off and will be included in your salary going forward. 

The award is based on an increase of 1% for 2021-22, 5% for 2022-23 and 4.1% plus £1000 for 2023-24. 

In addition to the consolidated pay awards, all additional allowances will be increased by 1% for 2021-22, 5% for 2022-23 and 4.1% for 2023-24. 

Details of back pay and frequently asked questions are available here (Insert attached docs). 

Framework for the workforce reviews 

A framework to address the recommendations contained in the 8 completed workforce reviews will be agreed by 31 May 2024. This framework will include a timetable for the implementation of those areas which can be progressed, both immediately and over a short to medium term. This will include the implementation of the revised TNC Workload Agreement from 1 August 2024 and the measures to address school leader workload which can be progressed. 

Industrial Action 

Acceptance of this offer will mean that industrial action will cease at the end of this term. The NITC is determined that no teacher or school leader will be required to 'catch up' on any work not done during industrial action and as part of this agreement there will be an agreed communication with management side in relation to carefully managed and supported restoration of working practices in schools. 

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