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NEU member contact:

Mrs. Helen Brook

NEU member contact:

Mrs. Abby Maddison

Cambridgeshire District Committee: September 2023 - August 2024

Vice President: Paula Champion

Past President: Shelagh Kavanagh

District Secretary and State Education Branch Secretary: Helen Brook

Assistant Secretary (minutes and admin): Shelagh Kavanagh

Assistant Secretary (membership and communications): Philippe Harari

Treasurer: Kris Jones

Assistant Treasurer: Maria Williams

CRC Branch Secretary: Mahendra Soopaul

Post-16 Sector Officer: Maria Williams

Equalities Officer: Abby Maddison

Health and Safety Officer: Sheila Kavanagh

Independent Schools Officer: Martin Field

International Solidarity Officers: Nikki Dereboy and Alex Thompson

New Professionals’ and Young Workers’ Officer: VACANCY

Retired Section Officer: Mikala Bromley Critchell

Support Staff Sector Officer: Rebecca Eves

Union Learning Representative: VACANCY

Committee members: Sonya Clark, Ray Mitchell, Nicola Parker, Denise Plant, Mark Slade, Jane Turner, Noemi Viana

National Executive members (covering the Eastern Region): Emma Brady, Shelagh Kavanagh, Dave Mingay, 


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