Pay toolkit

Use our pay toolkit documents to help you secure fair pay in your school or workplace.

Pay toolkit

The National Education Union pay toolkit gives you all the advice and support you need to secure fair pay treatment in your workplace. It includes advice on pay scales supported by the National Education Union and other teacher unions, a model pay policy and checklist, advice on securing a fair pay policy and pay progression, and advice on pursuing pay appeals where progression is denied.


Pay progression for school leaders

The governing body should set out in the school pay policy, the precise criteria and standards that will be used to determine decisions on pay progression for leadership group teachers. This guide gives advice to leaders on how their pay progression system works.

Winning your policy

Since the imposition of performance related pay progression for all teachers, National Education Union members have worked successfully in many schools and academies to secure school pay policies which protect teachers. This guide explains how to challenge unfair pay policies and secure a fair pay policy in your school. Now that all pay progression depends on appraisal outcomes and criteria set by schools, there is no sense in failing to do so.

Understanding pay progression

This guide gives advice on how the pay progression system for classroom teachers works. With pay progression depending on appraisal outcomes and meeting standards set by schools, knowing how the system works and how to challenge pay policies collectively or appeal decisions individually is essential to protect teachers’ pay.

Securing pay progression

This is a very brief guide on steering a course through your appraisal and the pay decision process to ensure that you can secure pay progression. Remember – if you are denied progression you have the right to appeal.

Pay appeals

This guide gives advice on pay appeals and securing pay progression by persuading governors not to accept a recommendation to deny pay progression or by appealing successfully against a decision to deny progression.

Model pay appeals letters

These model letters will help you prepare for meetings about recommendations to deny pay progression and appeals hearings after a decision has been taken to deny pay progression.

Checklist for pay appeals

This checklist will help you prepare for meetings about recommendations to deny pay progression and appeals hearings after a decision has been taken to deny pay progression.

Model pay policy

The National Education Union believes that a fair, transparent and consistent pay policy which recognises and rewards teachers as highly skilled professionals, is a key element ineffective school improvement. This model pay policy will help to recruit, retain and motivate teachers, provide the basis for sound financial and personnel planning and minimise the risk of grievance and discrimination. It is consistent and compliant with the STPCD and the NEU pay policy checklist.

Pay policy checklist

This checklist should be used alongside the National Education Union model policy to help you negotiate a policy acceptable to the NEU. You may not be able to secure everything on this checklist – if so, you will need to consult members on whether the proposed policy is sufficiently positive to be acceptable.