On the day of his death, Blair Peach was showing solidarity and marching against the presence of the far right National Front. Modern day equivalents to the National Front continue to promote racist and fascist views.  It is vital to the National Union of Teachers that they do not gain a foothold in British politics.  That is why we use our political fund to campaign vigorously against racist and fascist parties and support the work of organisations such as HOPE not hateUnite Against FascismShow Racism the Red Card and Kick it Out.

Blair Peach

Blair Peach Award 2020 Winner - Doug Morgan

Doug Morgan, Blair Peach Award Winner 2020

Blair Peach award winner 2020 Doug Morgan, Birmingham district Doug has spent his life campaigning for equalities. Fighting tirelessly for others, his calm, passionate determination is an inspiration to all. Recently he has been central to the campaign in Birmingham around relationships and sex education (RSE) teaching. He has encouraged an atmosphere of considered and purposeful mediation in an environment that has been difficult for both the LGBT+ and Muslim communities. He has campaigned within Supporting Education of Equality and Diversity in Schools (SEEDS), a group set up to end the protests in Birmingham schools and ensure people understand the reality of RSE teaching.

Doug relentlessly promotes the message “No to Islamophobia, no to homophobia”, which has encouraged members of both communities to unite and fight for equality in education. For many years Doug has worked with Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism, organising local and national events. In 2017, he wrote an open letter to Ofsted opposing the ban on the hijab in schools. Doug says: “No matter what their background, ethnicity, sexuality, gender or religion, every student and every staff member matters. Schools should be places where we celebrate each other and not hide who we are. Classrooms should encourage understanding, debate and learning about our many communities.”