This can include a range of health and safety issues in the workplace affecting any employee, including office, kitchen or caretaking staff.

As a safety rep, you are entitled to investigate complaints, carry out regular inspections and receive information and be consulted by your employer. The law gives you a range of rights and powers to fulfil your role without imposing any legal responsibilities on you.

Safety reps are democratically elected/appointed by members without the need to consult with employers and are entitled to receive facilities and support for their work as safety rep. While one NEU safety rep will usually be sufficient in most schools, more than one can be appointed.

  • IWMD 2021

    NEU H&S reps making schools safe

  • Jenny health and safety rep

    Jenny works as a music teacher and is passionate about keeping her pupils and staff safe at her school. Being part of a union helps her to run campaigns to change things for the better, not only in her school but in others too.

Guidance on the role of the health and safety rep

  • Advice Health and safety meeting
    The role of the safety rep

    Safety representatives play a vital role in promoting safety in the workplace. This briefing covers the appointment of safety reps and their rights and functions.

  • Health and safety procedures
    Safety committees

    This briefing sets out the objectives and benefits of safety committees, in addition to advice and guidance on their composition, inception, and remit.

  • Advice Inspection checklist
    Safety inspections

    This briefing advises safety reps on the steps to be taken in arranging and carrying out safety inspections and preparing inspection reports

  • Advice Man in hard hat with checklist on clipboard
    Managing Health and Safety

    This briefing considers the management of health and safety in schools and colleges and the respective roles of the employer, governing body, head teacher and other staff of the school.

  • Advice Health and safety law booklet
    Health and Safety Legal Framework

    This NEU briefing tells you about the framework of health and safety law - in particular about the legal duties placed on employees, employers and others by the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974

Health and safety advice