Members of the Cambridgeshire District Committee from 1st September 2021 [names in brackets are current post-holders, if different]
President: Niamh Sweeney [Ray Mitchell]
Past-president: Ray Mitchell [Louise Crook]
Vice-President: Lesley Jackson [Niamh Sweeney]
District Secretary and joint Cambs. Branch Secretary: Jon Duveen
Assistant Secretary (minutes and admin): Vacancy [Lesley Jackson]
Assistant Secretary (membership and communications): Philippe Harari 
Treasurer: Michelle Elms-Wiles [Kris Jones]
Assistant Treasurer and joint Cambs. Branch Secretary: Helen Brook
CRC Branch Secretary: Loraine Davies
Equalities Officer: Louise Crook
Health an Safety Officer: Sheila Kavanagh
Independent Schools Officer: Martin Fields
International Solidarity Officer: Alex Thompson
New Professionals’ and Young Workers’ Officer: Vacancy
Post-16 Sector Officer: Mahendra Soopaul
Retired Section Officer: Vacancy
Support Staff Sector Officer: Maria Williams
Union Learning Representative: Vacancy
Committee members: Paula Champion, Loraine Davies, Jane Dowman, Stephen Drew [Sophi Berridge, Dave Nunnery, Nick Potamitis, Flora Sheldon]
National Executive members (covering the Eastern Region): Gawain Little, Deirdre Murphy, Niamh Sweeney, Adam Van Asch