Young people in Gaza

All children have the right to life, to live and play without fear of violence and to attend school and learn in safety.

Please support our Gaza emergency appeal

The NEU is working with Save the Children to provide food, water, toiletries and psychosocial support for the children of Gaza.

There is no longer any formal education or schooling for Gaza’s children of whom there were 625,000 before the war.

Over 350 schools have sustained damage, almost three quarters of Gaza’s education infrastructure, according to the United Nations. Many of those that remain have become shelters. More than 200 teachers and other education staff have been killed since 7 October and over 500 injured.

The psychosocial impact of this horrific war will have consequences for decades to come.

Make a donation

Take this model motion to your district seeking a district contribution.

The NEU is backing the Day of Action for Gaza on 2 March

Join an action near you on Saturday 2 March to demand that the British government stop arming Israel and that Barclays stops bankrolling Israel's assault on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Barclays bank holds substantial financial ties with arms companies supplying weapons and military technology to Israel, used in its attacks on Palestinians. Demand the bank stops bankrolling Israel’s attacks on Palestinians, and spread the word about our call to boycott Barclays. 

Find a local action near you 

Gaza: ceasefire now

NEU calls for immediate ceasefire and protection of young people in Gaza and West Bank.

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