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NEU issues guidance on distance learning
27 March 2020

The NEU guidance on distance learning out today makes very clear what should be acceptable levels of workload. Normal education is currently suspended, and teachers should not be teaching a full timetable, or routinely marking work.

27 March 2020 Press release
Graphical representation of Covid-19 Advice
Coronavirus: distance learning FAQs
27 March 2020

Schools are closed and there are lots of different opinions on what learning will look like over the next few months. In this unprecedented time, parents cannot expect that their children will be accessing a normal timetable or individual support on a regular basis.

27 March 2020 Advice
Graphic of Coronavirus for general pages Press release
Remote Learning
22 April 2020

Some pupils will need much more individual support than is possible, and many will need support for their wellbeing before any meaningful learning can take place.

22 April 2020 Press release
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