Like 17 other unions in the TUC, the NEU has a non-party political fund whereby members can opt to pay a small amount on top of their subs to support our campaigning work.

The NEU does not affiliate to and does not financially support any political party. We maintain our independence in order to persuade every party to make the best decisions for education professionals and their learners.

Non-party political funds are not uncommon among trade unions - education unions, NASUWT and UCU and civil service union, Prospect have funds and they also don’t affiliate to any political party.

How to opt-out

Members can opt-out of contributing to the fund by completing and returning the notice of exemption, below.  Such notices of exemption shall become effective within a month of receipt.

Political fund exemption form

Members can opt-out of contributing to the fund by completing and returning this notice of exemption. 


The NEU’s non-party political fund was set up in November 2017 after members voted YES in a ballot. The funds we collect from members who wish to contribute will be used to influence politicians at events including party conferences, to oppose racism and fascism, and to encourage people to register to vote.

The union will on request supply the result of the ballot and the independent Scrutineer’s Report to a member of the National Education Union, free of charge. Please send your request to