NEU Insurance

As a member, you receive free insurance protection and cover for everything from personal accidents, to loss of or damage to property, including teaching equipment and personal effects whilst undertaking your role as educational professional.

Did you know that through your membership of the NEU, you may be entitled to financial support in the event of the following occurring whilst at work?

  • Damage to personal property
  • Damage to motor vehicle
  • Injury as a result of workplace violence/Assault
  • Hospitalisation through an occupational accident
  • Personal property

     Personal Property

    Personal property belonging to members of the National Education Union, or pupils' personal property entrusted to them, is automatically insured under a collective policy taken out by the Union against loss or damage by flood, fire, theft or malicious act whilst on the school premises.


    Including sunglasses and contact lenses

    Sum insured up to £1000

    Excess £25


    Sum insured up to £500

    Excess £25

    Personal Possessions*

    Sum insured up to £750

    Excess £25

    Electronic and Wearable Technology*

    Sum insured up to £1000

    Excess £25

    Bicycles Including Accessories*

    Sum insured up to £1000

    Excess £25

    *  Special conditions apply please contact insurance team for more information.

  • Damage to motor vehicles in school or college premises

    Cover up to a maximum of £1500 for damage to motor vehicles to a member's private car or motorcycle while on school premises during the time the member is on school or Union business (excess £50). This enables members to protect their no claim discount for small damage claims by not approaching their motor insurers.

  • Personal accident

    This policy provides compensation in respect of death or bodily injury resulting solely and directly from an accident caused by violent external and visible means*. All in-service members, including newly qualified and trainee members, paying the appropriate subscription, through schemes negotiated with other associations, are covered by this policy.

    Retired and associate members do not quality for this scheme.

    *Terms and conditions apply

    Personal Accident

    Fracture Benefit*

    Depending on the nature of the injury you could receive a fixed amount, or a maximum of £5,000.

    Paraplegic and Quadriplegic*

    £50,000: Paraplegic or hemiplegic

    £75,000: Triplegic

    £125,000: Quadriplegic

    Medical expenses following workplace assault*

    £200 for 4 Weeks with a 1 Week excess in the event of an Insured Person sustaining Accidental Bodily Injury from unprovoked assault in their place of work while carrying out their usual occupational duties.

    Facial Disfigurement*

    Accidental Bodily Injury which within two years is the sole cause of permanent facial disfigurement.

    NEU Members could receive between £250-£1000.

    Rehabilitation Expenses Extension*

    Up to £10,000 payable per member for rehabilitation expenses following a payment of Permanent Total Disablement

    Counselling Service Helpline*

    Access to confidential service helpline to help deal with personal issues following violent theft or assault

    Death benefit*

    On Duty - £12,500

    Off Duty - £3,500

    Family Benefit*

    2% of the Death Benefit (£250) for each dependent

    Funeral Expenses*

    On payment of the Death benefit, insurers will indemnify the insured person's estate for the reasonable costs of a funeral up to a maximum of £5,000

    Capital benefits*

    E.g. loss of Limb or loss of sight

    On Duty - £12,500

    Off Duty - £3,500

    Coma Benefit*

    £50 per day for continuous unconsciousness up to 730 days

    Overnight Accommodation costs so relatives can stay nearby*

    £100 per day up to a maximum limit of £700 / 7 days

    Cover for family members needing overnight accommodation following hospitalisation of a member. Cover applies where a stay exceeds 1 night

    *  Special conditions apply please contact insurance team for more information.

  • Dental policy

    Dental Policy*

    The cost of dental treatment incurred as a result of an Insured Person Accidental Bodily Injury sustained while engaged in their occupation as a School Teacher during the Period of Insurance which results in Permanent loss or damage to Permanent teeth or dentures

    Up to £500 in any one accident.

     *  Special conditions apply please contact insurance team for more information.

  • Hospitalisation

    This policy provides compensation of £50 per day (excess 24 hours) up to a maximum of 365 days for a member who has been injured as a result of an occupational accident which leads to that person being admitted to hospital as an in-patient. The policy includes accidents happening outside school so long as they occur in connection with school activity or NEU business. A journey to or from work is also covered. The policy is subject to certain exceptions. Please contact insurance team for more information.

How to claim 

Personal accident

To claim, please email insurance@neu.org.uk 


To claim, please email insurance@neu.org.uk 

Personal Property:

To claim, download a claim form

Damage to Motor vehicle

To claim, download a claim form

 For more information please email insurance@neu.org.uk