National Rules of the NEU

The National Education Union's rules set out what the aims and objectives of the organisation are, and what work it should carry out.

The objects of the Union shall, so far as may be lawful, be to educate, organise, influence and negotiate, as follows:

  • Promote the power of education as a critical and creative process which enables learners to understand and contribute to wider society and the world in which they live and to change it for the better; to influence education policy through lobbying and the promotion of research; to be the campaigning voice of teachers, lecturers, support staff and leaders across the sector
  • Protect and improve the status and to further the legitimate professional interests of members involved in the delivery of education, by retaining or seeking recognition in work places at all levels and nationally, and through effective collective bargaining within the jurisdiction of the organisation
  • Promote equality and fair treatment for education professionals and seek recognition for the importance of education as a vehicle for achieving equality within society, whether for those with protected characteristics or suffering poverty or social disadvantage
  • Seek to organise the entire education profession through engagement at local level by recruiting and developing workplace representatives in order to strengthen collective workplace organisation
  • Ensure that all members have the same opportunity to be represented, participate, be heard and to contribute towards the policies of the organisation
  • Promote individual entitlement to employer funded continuing professional development (CPD) for education professionals and to provide a range of CPD opportunities to support members in developing their careers
  • Seek to influence the political agenda whilst maintaining independence from any political party
  • Participate in the wider trade union movement and promote the nature of education globally including through Education International.
National Rules - Appendix C

Appendix of the National Rules of the National Education Union - rules governing local districts. A Word version is also available.