Every child is entitled to an education that supports the development of their knowledge and skills as well as their personal development towards a healthy adulthood. However, LGBT+ students still face many challenges in education. Education must be inclusive to reduce the barriers and challenges for LGBT+ children and young people and support them to have a sense of belonging and safety in their school.

There are over 5,500 NEU members who identify as LGBT+ and undoubtedly there are more staff working in education who do not feel safe or supported to come out at work.   As well as safety for LGBT+ children, young people and families, LGBT+ inclusive education is essential to creating safe and equal workplaces.

The NEU has produced a range of guidance for LGBT+ inclusion.

Notification of Executive by-election for Black and LGBT+ Executive seats:

Following the resignation of Annette Pryce and Richard Griffiths and the election of Daniel Kebede and Louise Atkinson as SVP and JVP (with effect from 1 September 2020), the OSG/Executive have agreed a timetable to fill these vacancies.

Click through for nomination forms and more details.

LGBT+ Inclusion Guidance

  • Every Child, Every Family cover
    Breaking the Mould

    The NEU worked with five primary schools over two years to consider how ‘traditional’ gender stereotypes could be challenged in nursery and primary classrooms.

  • Blog Agenda blog
    AGENDA – a new resource for educators

    Professor Emma Renold of Cardiff University talks about the launch of a new online resource – AGENDA- developed to help educators promote positive, healthy and equal relationships.

LGBT+ advice

  • Advice Members hugging pride 2018
    Sexual orientation harassment

    Who is protected from harassment on grounds of sexual orientation, and the first steps you should take if you think you have been harassed at work.

  • Advice Trans flags flying from a car
    Transgender harassment

    Who is protected from harassment on grounds of transgender status,and the first steps you should take if you think you have been harassed at work.

  • Advice Transgender flag white blue pink from multi-colored chalks
    Transgender discrimination

    Who is protected from transgender discrimination, and the first steps you should take if you think you have been discriminated against at work.

  • Advice People holding LGBTQ flag
    Trans educators toolkit

    The NEU Trans Equality Toolkit provides information for education staff on transitioning in school/college.

  • NEU black members
    Equality advice

    A key priority of the union, to ensure all members have a voice in the union, the workplace and broader society, and do not face barriers to promotion, representation or participation.

  • Advice Pride - GRA demonstration
    Equality toolkit

    This toolkit is aimed at school representatives, teacher governors and NEU officers to use to promote good policies and practices in schools and colleges.

LGBT+ news and blogs

  • Press release NEU conference 2021 graphic banner
    PSHE, RSE and LGBT+ Inclusive Education

    We can't work towards equality in society or tackle discrimination in workplaces unless we talk positively about LGBT+ people across the curriculum.

  • Press release NEU conference 2021 graphic banner
    Pride in Our Union

    We've got to assert that homophobic and transphobic discrimination doesn't go unnoticed or unchallenged.

  • Press release press release abstract
    Liz Truss and the Gender Recognition Act

    The National Education Union is deeply concerned by the recent comments made by the Women and Equalities Minister Liz Truss which have caused unnecessary distress and anxiety for trans and non-binary workers.

  • Press release press release abstract
    LGBT+ Rights

    Commenting on the passing of an urgency motion on LGBT+ rights at the Annual Conference of the National Education Union, Dr Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said: “It is crucial that every young person can feel happy and safe at school but too many LGBT+ young people still don't feel they can be themselves at school.