Every child is entitled to an education that supports the development of their knowledge and skills as well as their personal development towards a healthy adulthood. However, LGBT+ students still face many challenges in education. Education must be inclusive to reduce the barriers and challenges for LGBT+ children and young people and support them to have a sense of belonging and safety in their school.

There are over 5,500 NEU members who identify as LGBT+ and undoubtedly there are more staff working in education who do not feel safe or supported to come out at work.   As well as safety for LGBT+ children, young people and families, LGBT+ inclusive education is essential to creating safe and equal workplaces.

The NEU has produced a range of guidance for LGBT+ inclusion.

Right of trans and non-binary members to self-identify

The NEU remains committed to the important right for people who are trans or non-binary to self-identify.

The NEU recognises trans and non -binary identities and is aware and concerned about the unacceptable levels of discrimination faced by trans and non-binary staff in workplaces and within society. The NEU provides information and advice for all members to use, around LGBT+ inclusion, on how to develop inclusive approaches in schools and colleges, viewing a representative curriculum as central.

The Union’s democratic decisions place this important Union work within a wider agenda of challenging sexism and sex discrimination, and challenging homophobia and stereotypical attitudes about men and women.

The Union believes in the power of education to empower children and young people to identify stereotypes and develop positive attitudes.  

LGBT+ Inclusion Guidance

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    Breaking the Mould

    The NEU worked with five primary schools over two years to consider how ‘traditional’ gender stereotypes could be challenged in nursery and primary classrooms.

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    AGENDA – a new resource for educators

    Professor Emma Renold of Cardiff University talks about the launch of a new online resource – AGENDA- developed to help educators promote positive, healthy and equal relationships.

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