Every child is entitled to an education that supports the development of their knowledge and skills as well as their personal development towards a healthy adulthood. However, LGBT+ students still face many challenges in education. Education must be inclusive to reduce the barriers and challenges for LGBT+ children and young people and support them to have a sense of belonging and safety in their school.

There are over 5,500 NEU members who identify as LGBT+ and undoubtedly there are more staff working in education who do not feel safe or supported to come out at work.   As well as safety for LGBT+ children, young people and families, LGBT+ inclusive education is essential to creating safe and equal workplaces.

The NEU has produced a range of guidance for LGBT+ inclusion. 

LGBT+ advice

  • Advice LGBT+ pride event
    LGBT+ inclusion: members

    LGBT+ inclusion involves reviewing the curriculum and lesson plans across all subjects to eliminate heteronormative bias, and ensure sexual orientations and gender identities are represented.

  • Advice LGBT+ Black Pride
    LGBT+ inclusion: LGBT+ members

    It is often the most unpleasant voices that we hear the loudest and whether you are out at work or not, it can be extremely isolating being a lone LGBT+ staff member.

  • Advice Trans flags flying from a car
    LGBT+ inclusion: school governors/trustees

    As a school governor / trustee, you are responsible for ensuring the school’s practices are consistent with its values and ethos, even where these may be different to your own.

  • NEU black members
    Equality advice

    A key priority of the union, to ensure all members have a voice in the union, the workplace and broader society, and do not face barriers to promotion, representation or participation.

  • Advice Pride - GRA demonstration
    Equality toolkit

    This toolkit is aimed at school representatives, teacher governors and NEU officers to use to promote good policies and practices in schools and colleges.

  • Publication Every Child, Every Family cover
    Every Child, Every Family

    Building LGBT+ inclusion through reading. Part of the Union’s Breaking the Mould series of resources, for nursery and primary phase teachers to think about books to use in the classroom.

LGBT+ news and blogs

Pride 2020

Pride season 2020 will kick off with the UK’s first Muslim Pride festival taking place on Saturday 11th April in Newham, London. From then onwards LGBT+ educators will be taking part in Prides around the country throughout the summer term and break.

Last year, NEU members self-organised to have a NEU LGBT+ Educators presence at over 40 Prides around the country. This year we want to take our message of Inclusion not Exclusion to even more communities around the country and you can be part of that.

To get involved in Pride 2020:

  • Contact your local district secretary or LGBT+ Organising Forum reps to find out what’s planned in your local area
  • Find LGBT+ and Pride events happening near you on our interactive map
  • Order Pride materials using our online form (coming soon)
  • Organise an LGBT+ inclusive education event in your local community or school/college to raise community awareness of the need for LGBT+ inclusion
  • Work with local LGBT+ organisations to organise an LGBT+ inclusive education workshop for your colleagues and/or students

Any queries please write to lgbt@neu.org.uk