September opening

Rising cases

Today, we’ve written to the Prime Minister and Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, laying down our national education recovery plan to ensure that education continues, safely, for all pupils.

It is vital that  Government does everything in its power to ensure schools are safe and to permit them to remain open, for as many children as possible, for as long as possible. 

The National Education Union (NEU) wants schools and colleges to open to all students as soon as it is safe to do so.  Your safety, that of your students, their families and society as a whole, must be our priority.

The NEU is proud to have led a campaign which has forced the Government to acknowledge the risks inherent in wider opening of schools and colleges.  We will continue to press the Government with regard to our five tests and work with our members and reps to ensure the safest possible return.

Check your safety

The Government is proposing that schools and colleges should reopen schools as normal in September 2020.  The NEU has published its joint union checklist and guidance on September reopening to assist members and reps.  The NEU has also issued advice for staff at greater risk due to personal or family circumstances. NEU advice to members will be regularly updated as matters develop.

If you do not have a rep in your school, volunteer to meet your head/principal and go through the checklist.  We can support you to do this and you will have the authority of the NEU behind you, ensuring greater safety for you, your colleagues and the children.

If you think that matters are not safe in your school, visit our advice page for NEU reps to read more about what to do next and how to seek support.

Specific advice

  • Graphical representation of Covid-19
    Coronavirus guidance and FAQs

    NEU advice to members to ensure that arrangements are safe and appropriate whether students and staff are working at home or at school.

  • Advice Graphical representation of Covid-19
    Coronavirus - leadership advice

    The NEU is committed to helping you ensure safety in the workplace for all staff and students in schools and colleges during this very challenging time.

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    Coronavirus - reps

    Guide for National Education Union workplace representatives and how to support your members during coronavirus outbreak.

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    NEU Cymru

    Information, advice and resources for NEU Cymru members.

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