Through 2020 and 2021 the Covid pandemic highlighted the obstinacy of racism at all levels of society and its impact on Black lives.

Educators dealt with shocking levels of child food hunger and inequities in access to IT and education.

Only the actions of Black figures such as Marcus Rashford, Lewis Hamilton and Ashley Banjo forced the Government into action.

With 45% of Black children living in poverty, and the higher number of deaths and illnesses of Black people especially key workers caused by an unscrupulous virus, it has been particularly hard for Black parents, pupils and educators.

With Black members,colleagues and allies we rolled out the Anti-Racist Framework. So far 1500 members have been trained, with surveys showing it is used and appreciated in many schools.  In July 21 The Hamilton Commission recommended that all schools should be encouraged to use in

One lesson from a year of crisis is that we need a more inclusive, racially literate education system that embraces effective anti-racism.


External resources

  1. Runnymede Trust: Our Migration Story
  2. Cargo Classroom – teaching resources esp.  history KS3
  3. Hackney’s Diverse Curriculum ─ the Black Contribution to view the resources use the link below to request access.
  4. Show Racism the Red Card – anti-racism in schools - 4 modules 6 hours training course  
  5. Black History timeline

Black Manifesto

Podcasts which inspire us to learn and unlearn

Listen and share these monthly podcasts featuring conversations with pioneering Black women within arts and culture.  

Finally, Ivy Scott (Easter Region Black Organising Forum Member) has compiled an anthology of poems and short articles from Black Educators called the Mountains we Climb, and she wrote this poem, which is so pertinent to so many of us.

Ode To A Special Friend

Each of us have a story or special memory of a person who died. In this poem I imagine my friend talking to all of us about her legacy to us. Knowing her she would not want us to cry or weep, but to celebrate her life and her dedication to serving God. She always talked about the rapture and she knew she has served her Lord diligently so would be joining him in heaven. She strived to ensure that we all gave our lives to the heavenly father.

A Glorious Day

Just close your lovely eyes and you will see

All the wonderful memories you shared with me,

The times I prayed with you,

Sharing laughter friendship and food,

Often lending a listening ear,

Trying to soothe away your tears.

Don’t cry for me, I’m gone,

To the land of my living Lord

To sit at my saviour’s feet,

Rejoicing on this glorious morn.

Throughout my life, I gave my best,

Supporting those who needed rest,

Or a helping hand,

I journeyed the extra mile with pleasure,

To make life a worthwhile measure.

I have left you skills untold,

In hospitality, kindness and worship,

Without expectations of returns,

Cause God provided me trebly in turn.

If I brighten your day with holy readings

From my father’s treasure chest,

Share them with your heavenly sisters and brothers.

Today I journey to a place of love,

Where the sun shines brightly above,

So, wipe away your shiny tears,

Do not weep for me,

I’ve gone to meet my Lord in heaven,

There are no fears here,

In this place called paradise above.

Ivy L. Scott, © May 2020

Dedicated to Elva Didier, a Windrush Elder who died in 2020