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What is AGENDA?

AGENDA is an online resource for educators who want to empower children (age 7-18) to make positive relationships matter in their schools and communities. It has equality, inclusivity, children’s rights and social justice at its heart and offers creative ways of how practitioners can support children to explore and express what matters to them. It can be used to develop inclusive, relevant and rights-respecting relationships and sexuality education.

In 2018, the National Education Union (NEU) funded the development of 10 new case studies in English schools for the AGENDA resource. We also supported, through a teacher Advisory Group, the development of new practitioner resources to help teachers and education professionals to use and adapt the resource.  

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What is included?

Through starter activities and case studies, AGENDA invites you to explore inclusive, creative and rights-based approaches to a range of issues including: feelings and emotions; friendships and relationships; body image; consent; gender and sexuality equality and equity; gender-based and sexual violence. It includes:

  • starter activities to help educators support children and young people to think about what matters to them, and what they would like to change
  • suggested ways for children and young people to speak up and/or take action, including a range of cross-curricular examples from dance and movement (expressive arts) to digital story telling (ICT)
  • case study examples of how schools have supported children and young people to learn and raise awareness about issues that advance the building of equalities and positive relationships
  • how creative methods and pedagogy, such as story-telling, crafting, movement or music enables educators to become more aware of what matters to children and young people
  • further information about how to support children and young people to plan an awareness raising activity
  • ideas and tips to support educators overcome barriers to using the resource
  • annual awareness raising and remembrance dates dedicated to advancing rights, equalities and social justice around the world
  • links to organisations and websites for further information
  • a rights-respecting whole-school approach to gender equality and relationships and sex education
  • ideas on how to create safe, confidential and supportive spaces
AGENDA teachers resource

A young people's guide to making positive relationships matter.

Agenda during covid-19

Adapting AGENDA during COVID-19 The AGENDA resource is full of ideas, information and stories to help children and young people to explore difficult to articulate feelings and emotions. It does this by giving children and young people a range of creative ways to feel, think, question, and share sensitive or difficult issues. In light of these unsettling times, the AGENDA team have adapted some activities to assist those supporting children and young people through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Supporting children and  young people’s well-being

The way in which the world is suddenly changing around us in response to Covid-19 brings up a lot of feelings and emotions. These new activities demonstrate how creativity and the expressive arts can be drawn upon to support children and young people to share how they are feeling during Covid-19.

Addressing and transforming social inequalities

The pandemic has also highlighted and exacerbated a range of social issues. Correspondingly, some of the activities focus on social inequalities and the creative ways in which people have been campaigning for change despite Covid-19 restrictions.

Safety and Support

These activities are suitable for young people aged 7 – 18 years old. Before you begin adapting these activities for the children and young people in your setting, we invite you to read the safety and support section on the AGENDA website.

Use this resource to help you support children's emotional wellbeing during COVID.

Agenda training 

The NEU ran training with Professor EJ Renold last summer to introduce the AGENDA resource and how to adapt it during Covid-19.  This is the recording of one of the training sessions we ran.

Get involved

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