The NEU invited members to nominate an NEU Representative/Officer who they felt deserved to be recognised by the union for their hard work and commitment.

The awards were judged at regional level and were made up of one rep and one officer for each region in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

These Regional/Wales/Northern Ireland winners were then put forward for consideration for the National Representative and Officer of the Year awards.

Regional Winners


Officers Winner

Reps Winner


Merike Williams


Patricia Fay

(County Durham)

North West

Kay Gallimore


Joint Winners

Emma Lodge

Poppy Jones



Patricia Graham


Vincent Conyngham

(North Yorkshire)

West Midlands

Sean McCauley


Jodie Mallier-Ridley


East Midlands

Jessica Edmonds

(City of Leicester)

Joint Winners

Ian Walters

Louise Farmer

Shelley Haywood

Christopher Scott-Blore

(City of Derby)


Joint Winners

Emma Brady (Central Bedfordshire)

Robert Tucker (Buckinghamshire)

Hazel Law


South East

Peter Shreeve

(Isle of Wight)

Kyle Marsh

(North Kent)

South West

Connie Armstrong


Angela Knight

(South Gloucestershire)


Anita Conradi


Neal Puttock



Pamela Ireland


Caroline Butchers


National Winners

National Officer Winner

National Reps Winner

 Jessica Edmonds

East Midlands

(City of Leicester)

Jodie Mallier-Ridley

Region – West Midlands