From September 2020 all primary schools will have to teach Relationships Education. All secondary schools will have to teach RSE. Health Education is also statutory in both primary and secondary schools, except independent schools.

The Government has produced statutory guidance on the new curricula requirements.  The previous Government guidance on RSE was written 20 years ago and did not include many important issues that children and young people are dealing with today. The NEU believes that the new RSE guidance is an important step forward to ensure all children and young people have access to high quality, inclusive and needs-led RSE.

We want all Relationships Education and RSE to be LGBT+ inclusive, promote gender equality and actively challenge all forms of abuse and discrimination. It needs to reflect and celebrate a diversity of cultures, faiths and family types and support children and young people to be their unique and authentic selves.

We have produced the following documents to support you to meet our vision of Relationships Education and RSE and to support your school to meet the new legislative requirements that come into force from September 2020:

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