Today the NEU launches a new Education Recovery Plan to lead us out of lockdown in a way that is safe and sustainable for schools and colleges.

Our original recovery plan, sent to the Government in June 2020, was a constructive and comprehensive roadmap out of the first national lockdown. It set out practical steps for fully reopening schools and colleges. 

Unfortunately, and to the risk of everyone working in education, the Government persisted with plans of its own. Whole year-group bubbles led to high numbers of pupil absences, as did too little space, inadequate PPE, no meaningful social distancing, and a lack of ventilation. ONS data has shown that school-age children as a group had the fastest rate of growth in Covid cases throughout the autumn term. This was a direct result of Government negligence on school safety. 

This is why the National Education Union is setting out a new recovery plan. Government has not, up to this point, made schools and colleges Covid-secure – and there was no hint of any further measures in yesterday’s announcement by Boris Johnson. Our plan, if adopted, would make the difference.

Our education recovery plan is split into three parts. 

The first focuses on the challenge of educating students safely, by creating safer educational workplaces and continuing remote learning where necessary. It includes recommendations on social distancing, face coverings, vaccines and ventilation, rotas and remote education. 

The second part of the plan contains proposals to build a better education system as we emerge from the pandemic. 

The third section of the plan is a call to fight child poverty and to build a better world, post-Covid, for all our children and young people.

The NEU Education Recovery Plan is attached. You can also read it online here.

Commenting on the launch of the Education Recovery Plan, Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, said:

"We all want schools and colleges to be fully open again, but this needs to be properly planned with measures in place to address the problems already encountered and to ensure a safe and sustained return. Plans also need to be in place for remote learning.

“That is why we are launching our education recovery plan, which sets out a substantial strategy for schools and colleges to emerge from lockdown in a way that is safe and sustainable. 

"Unions, school leaders, teachers and staff are tired of last-minute guidance and u-turns. Families, also, have been stung once too often by false hope. 

“Government must now initiate structured talks with education unions, based upon all available evidence, about how a phased return is best managed, irrespective of whether that is 8 March or not. School leaders can then begin making arrangements, confident that their time is not being wasted and that there is real potential for long-term solutions. The NEU would enter such talks with a determination to make our recovery plan a reality, benefiting staff and pupils alike.

"Simply declaring schools and colleges Covid-secure does not make them so. With a death toll of 100,000 a stark reminder of the seriousness of our situation, and with no clear way out of lockdown, it is incumbent on Boris Johnson to finally change tack. We offer this updated plan to the Prime Minister in the spirit in which the first was intended – to secure a safe and uninterrupted return to education for all."



NEU Education Recovery Plan | NEU

NEU Education Recovery Plan

The plan outlines the challenges that our education system must overcome if pupils are to recover their confidence, interest and joy in learning and to make the progress they are capable of.