In your school, your Rep is your main point of contact with the Union. They do a number of things. Your school might even have a team of Reps, sharing different aspects of the role.

Organise meetings

Your Rep will organise meetings of members of the Union in your school, in order to find out what concerns you and your colleagues have.

Representing your views

Your Rep will (hopefully) have meetings with the Head at your school in order to raise concerns that members have, to try to get them addressed.

Supporting you in difficult meetings

If you have difficult meetings with management - whether they are to do with redundancy, disciplinary, capability, or something else - your Rep can attend to support you. They can keep a record of the meeting, discuss with you beforehand what you want to get out of the meeting, and make any points in the meeting that you do not feel confident raising.

Publicising Events and other things

Your Union Rep might well let you know about upcoming Union events or CPD that they think you might find helpful. You might even have a Union Learning Rep at your school, who is focused on arranging CPD. Many schools have a Union noticeboard in the staffroom, where you can see notices.

Finding your Rep

Your Rep may well have introduced themselves to you when you started at the school. If they did not, then you may be able to find out who they are by checking the noticeboard in the staffroom, asking a colleague, getting in touch with Bradford District, or checking the online list.

My school does not have a Rep; what should I do?

Get in touch with Bradford District. We can arrange support for you if you need. It will also be worth considering whether you would be able to take on the role of the Rep.

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