here’s been a lot of talk about ‘Section 44’ since Boris Johnson announced plans to ease coronavirus lockdown measures at the weekend and advised some people to return to work. But what does Section 44 actually do, and what does it mean for you if you’re returning to work tomorrow?

Section 44 is a section of the Employment Rights Act 1996, a key piece of legislation covering the rights of every employee. It can offer you protection if you refuse to work when you have a reasonable belief there is a ‘serious or imminent danger’ to your health and safety or that of others around you. I stress here the ‘can’ – it depends on the specific situation.

The TUC’s coronavirus advice to unions cites Section 44, and many employees have already used it in the coronavirus context. So who exactly does it protect, and how can it be used?

You have the right to safety at work............Seek advice.................You are not alone

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS ........Check out the link below for full information.

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    Changing the world of work