The Union works through its members

The NEU is the largest education Union in the country (and Europe). Our members are in all aspects from Colleges to Nurseries. We include Heads, Librarians, Teaching Assistants, Classroom teachers, Ancillary staff and lecturers and many others. We work full time, part time, on contracts, on Supply or have retired. The Union works from the grass roots or classroom upwards. We work by organising within a School or College, then in our local area to form a Union of likeminded individuals who then instruct the region and National Union.

Point of Contact

Every school has a notice board and, in that space, should be a section for Trade Unions. it can be just a picture of the Logo and the  contact details of the District/ Branch Secretary. It may have a copy of the latest newsletter or date of the next district meeting or maybe the name of the school rep.  We need people who will do this. They do not have to be represent members, just organise a display or a room if there is to be a meeting. 

The School Rep

To help the union grow we need reps in each school, from the smallest village school to our biggest colleges. The Rep is the person or people who knows the work place best and can often deal with a problem immediately. There may be a colleague who wants to have a quiet chat about a worry or maybe a group of people want to discuss a new directive. The Rep can facilitate a meeting.  As a Union we value our Reps and train them. We will happily send you on training courses where you can update your skills, learn more about the role and meet other reps who you can network with. 

The District Committee

Reps are great but they are in one school. In Shropshire we have over 200 schools and over 2000 members. So, we have meetings to bring everyone together. It could be to plan an event to highlight school funding, it maybe to talk about testing and the effect it has on pupils and staff or it maybe just to say thank you for all the work that has gone on. To do this we have a District committee, made up of serving and retires staff who plan our way forward. These are elected members of the district and are answerable to the members.

We meet for local meetings but that comes later.

The Region

Shropshire is part of the West Midlands region. This region covers counties such as Shropshire and Staffordshire, Cities like Birmingham and Coventry and smaller districts such as Telford or Dudley. We work as a team to highlight the needs of our region. There is a regional office in Birmingham. This is where we run much of our fantastic training for reps and officers.

We have a regional council, to which we send 4 delegates. It meets in Birmingham on a Thursday after work and coordinates the work of the union within the West Midlands

National Conference 

There are 13 regions and around 140 districts, some are counties like us, some are Metropolitan organisations, and some are boroughs. Each has its own thoughts and priorities. All voices need to be heard. So, we have an annual conference.

2021 Conference was due to be in Manchester. It will however be an online event. 7th to 10th April. Shropshire will have 8 delegates, One having to be the District Secretary (Charles) plus our Post 16 Executive Member (Jean). We will select delegates at our Meeting on 13th January

Local Meetings

The Shropshire District and Branch of the NEU have regular meetings. These are online Zoom meetings at the moment.

We have a drop=in booked for 3rd January and a Branch meeting n 13th January.

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