Our ultimate ambition is to advance the status of those people who support and develop others in the workplace to advance our economy and improve working lives…the Transformers.

‘The survey helped us to improve our employees’ training to better suit our company needs’

We work in partnership with the Education and Training Foundation, the Association of Employers and Learning Providers, and higher education institution researchers at Kings College London.

We have developed confidential training and productivity online surveys for employers who either want new ideas about productivity, skill development, or wish to support staff who educate or support learners in the workplace.

‘The survey helped us to make better use of existing employee skills’

The survey can be completed by employers, employees, teachers and learners and takes approximately 15-20 mins to complete and we do the rest. 

The survey results are analysed by our specialist academics team who compile a comprehensive report outlining where improvements can be made. We aim to get the report back to employers in two weeks. Download a sample report.

The results will help to:

  • Discover the full range of skills used by a workforce
  • Recommend ways to make better use of existing skills
  • Discover how current training may be helping or hindering productivity
  • Recommend areas for training development
  • Recommend productivity advances

‘The survey helped us identify the skills we needed to acquire when employing staff’

Available to download is an A4 information sheet and A5 postcard.

You can also bring the project to life by transforming a piece of paper into a swan!

Union Learning Fund

The Union Learning Fund was set up by the government in 1998 to promote activity in unions and workplaces to support an ambition of creating a learning society.

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers have been part of the union learning fund for ten years. We have supported thousands of people to access learning opportunities and to develop professionally and personally.

The Learning Fund project priorities have focused on supporting vocational education tutors to offer even better learning opportunities to people in work or aspiring to work. Tutors have been trained to offer support and guidance in in vocational learning pathways such as traineeships and apprenticeships.

The Union Learning Fund is managed and administered by Unionlearn, the TUC’s Learning and Skills Organisation, under an agreement with the Department for Education which directs the level and type of learning activity that should be supported by the Fund.  

You can find out more about Unionlearn on their website.

You can also download

Reflections and Findings on an Employer Engagement Resource

by Norman Crowther and Paula Jones (including interim report by Mark Addis and Chris Winch)

Transformers project case studies April 2019

Transformers project case studies April 2019

Transformers AELP

The AELP are working in partnership with the National  Education Union to support their union learning funded  (ULF) Transformers Project.