NEU flags at Pride London
LGBT+ events

The NEU organises LGBT+ events and activities across the country. The union’s presence at Pride events sends out a message of solidarity to all LGBT+ teachers and students.


Trans flags flying from a car Advice
Transgender harassment

Who is protected from harassment on grounds of transgender status,and the first steps you should take if you think you have been harassed at work.

Transgender flag white blue pink from multi-colored chalks Advice
Transgender discrimination

Who is protected from transgender discrimination, and the first steps you should take if you think you have been discriminated against at work.

Transgender Pride flag pattern overlay Advice
Supporting trans and gender questioning students

In the last few years there has been much work done, raising awareness and increasing the visibility of transgender issues. This advice aims to helps school and college staff support gender variant or questioning students in the educational environment.

Two lesbian girls holding hands and rainbow flag Advice
Equality toolkit

This toolkit is aimed at school representatives and teacher governors in all schools and FE colleges, including independent schools in England and Wales. It will also be a useful resource for Division Secretaries and Equalities Officers.


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