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New and trainee teachers

Advice, tips and publications for new and trainee teachers on starting your teaching placement, lesson planning and behaviour management as well as frequently asked questions. 


Filling in a Coloring Book Advice
School Direct trainee teachers

The National Education Union has produced this 22-point checklist as a guide for School Direct trainee teachers setting out the minimum expectations for their teacher training year.

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Starting pay on appointment

This guidance is aimed at new teachers and those returning to teaching service after a break. It explains the basics of the pay structure and gives advice on ensuring you are fairly paid and able to seek the most favourable use of pay discretions.

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Legal responsibilities

Like others on the way to gaining QTS, you may be feeling anxious about your legal position while in the classroom. This brief summary should help you understand your rights and responsibilities.

social media Advice
Social media

Tips for trainee members on using social media responsibly, including student contact on social media and privacy.

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The role of a mentor

Advice for trainee members on the role of a mentor, how to work best with your mentor and what to do if you feel you are not being supported.

Female teacher giving homework back Advice

What to expect from classroom observations as a trainee teacher, including feedback, professional reviews and formal assessment meetings.

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Induction checklist

What you should know before you start your induction, the support you should expect during the induction programme, your timetable, raising concerns and professional development.

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Managing behaviour

Advice for trainees on managing behaviour in the classroom, including physical and social contact and infatuations.

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Lesson planning

Advice for trainee members on lesson planning, timing and pacing, and tips on how to save time.

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