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Supply teacher officer

Organising and supporting supply teachers is the role of the local supply teacher officer. This course aims to develop your skills and knowledge about the supply teachers’ officer role.

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Umbrella and limited companies

Umbrella’ and ‘limited’ companies have been around for a while now, but they still retain the capacity to cause confusion. This guidance aims to de-mystify both concepts.

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Supply teachers - pay, conditions and working time

What should I expect to be paid as an agency supply teacher? What should I be paid for supply work of less than a day in duration? What happens if a school wants to offer me a permanent job? These and many other key questions are covered in this introductory guide to supply teaching.

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Supply teacher rights

Supply teachers who are in a 'pool' maintained by a LA, those located through the school's own contacts, or part-timers who wish to temporarily increase their hours, are likely to be employees of the school or LA for their period of supply work.


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