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Supply teacher survey 2020

The NEU’s annual supply member survey examines a range of issues relating to supply staff and their pay and employment.


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Coronavirus: supply educators guidance

We know that supply educators have experienced real difficulties since the pandemic began, particularly during school closures. Those difficulties continue, however, even with schools and colleges open.

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Umbrella and limited companies

Umbrella’ and ‘limited’ companies have been around for a while now, but they still retain the capacity to cause confusion. This guidance aims to de-mystify both concepts.

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Supply teacher rights

Supply teachers who are in a 'pool' maintained by a LA, those located through the school's own contacts, or part-timers who wish to temporarily increase their hours, are likely to be employees of the school or LA for their period of supply work.

Press release

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Supply Staff

The Covid crisis has demonstrated even more reasons to change the way that we organise the provision of supply staff in schools.

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Action for supply teachers

Supply teachers, agency teaching assistants and others working in the education sector must have proper financial stability, on a genuine like-for-like with their directly-employed counterparts.


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