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Breaking the Mould

The NEU worked with five primary schools over two years to consider how ‘traditional’ gender stereotypes could be challenged in nursery and primary classrooms.


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Sexual harassment

Who is protected from sexual harassment and the first steps you should take if you think you are being subjected to such harassment.

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Sex discrimination

The legal definitions of sex discrimination, who is protected and the first steps you should take if you think you have been discriminated against at work.

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It's just everywhere - sexism in schools

The results of UK Feminista and NEU’s groundbreaking study are clear: schools, education bodies and Government must take urgent action to tackle sexism in schools. "It's just everywhere" is a study on sexism in schools and how we tackle it.


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AGENDA – a new resource for educators

Professor Emma Renold of Cardiff University talks about the launch of a new online resource – AGENDA- developed to help educators promote positive, healthy and equal relationships.

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