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Coronavirus and SEND

The coronavirus pandemic has contributed to specific issues in special schools and for SEND in mainstream schools. Updated September 2021.

AGENDA training
Coronavirus : AGENDA during Covid-19

Want to know more about supporting children’s emotional wellbeing? Get involved in this unique training delivered by Professor Emma Renold and the AGENDA team.

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Supporting children and young people to make positive relationships matter.


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Coronavirus: School Closure Data

The Government’s inability to provide what schools need to ensure they remain open for as long as possible is unacceptable and will affect not only children's education, but the wellbeing of staff and students.

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Coronavirus: Schools in September

The Prime Minister's hopes are not enough. He needs a plan for more teachers, to ask teachers who have left the profession to return, and he needs to be finding extra spaces in which they can teach smaller groups.

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