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Supply survey 2021

The NEU’s annual supply member survey examines a range of issues relating to supply staff and their pay and employment.

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Measures under a TUPE transfer

A “measure” is a very broad term which will apply to any deliberate change in working conditions or practices which your employer wants to introduce.

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The NEU is opposed to academisation yet supports and represents its members in academies in the same way as members in local authority maintained schools.

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Rights and conditions

Advice and guidance about your rights at work and the conditions of your employment, including information on maternity and paternity leave, redundancy, workload and key documents.


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What is TUPE about?

TUPE is shorthand for the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection and Employment) Regulations 2006, a legal framework around which you can involve and engage members to act collectively to protect and advance their rights as they transfer to a new employer.

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Preparing for transfer to an Academy

The process of transferring staff from one employer to another (eg an academy) is governed by the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 ( TUPE).

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Relationships at Work - Model Policy

From time to time, personal relationships may exist or develop between work colleagues. This model policy is designed to help NEU members manage expectations to ensure such situations are dealt with fairly and consistently.

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Flexible working

Your rights to ask for flexible working, i.e. a change in your terms and conditions relating to the hours you work, the times you work or whether you work at home for all or part of the week. You are encouraged to take informal steps before using the statutory procedure.

Stressed School Teacher Advice
Workload and working time

The purpose of this advice is to summarise teachers’ conditions of service, as set out in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD).

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Medical Reports

Some of the most common issues arising in relation to medical reports prepared by GPs, occupational health physicians and other health professionals on behalf of employers, pension scheme trustees and health insurers.

Father and baby girl Advice

Your entitlements and responsibilities under UK legislation on paternity leave and pay.

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Supply teacher rights

Supply teachers who are in a 'pool' maintained by a LA, those located through the school's own contacts, or part-timers who wish to temporarily increase their hours, are likely to be employees of the school or LA for their period of supply work.

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Employment rights in the further education sector

Details of your statutory rights as an employee in the Further education sector. In some cases your contract will provide you with better terms and conditions and, if this is the case, those better terms and conditions will apply.

Working from home Advice
Making work fit

The duty to make reasonable adjustments requires school and college leaders to proactively identify barriers (both physical and attitudinal) to the inclusion of disabled people in the workplace.

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Maternity rights

Guide to teachers’ maternity rights explaining, as simply as possible, the various maternity and parental rights available to all teachers (e.g. shared parental leave), whether full or part time.

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