Pay calculator
Pay calculator

The NEU pay calculator includes information relating to teacher pay in 2021-22 following the Government's decision to freeze teacher pay in England and the pay increase implemented in Wales.

Pay implementation

The NEU is campaigning for a national pay increase and to ensure employers are using the national pay scales.

Pay calculator
Pay progression

The NEU is campaigning for pay progression for all eligible members.

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Pay campaign

The NEU is campaigning against the school teacher pay freeze in England and for fair pay for all teachers and support staff.

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Pay toolkit

Use our pay toolkit to secure pay progression, by taking collective action or by pursuing and winning appeals against decisions that individual teachers should not progress. 


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Pay appeals

Advice on identifying the grounds for a pay appeal and on how you might run a successful one.

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School pay policies

All schools, including academies, should have a pay policy which sets out how decisions are taken on pay matters including pay assessments, pay progression, discretionary payments, appeals etc.

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Pay policy checklist

This checklist should be used alongside the National Education Union model policy to help you negotiate a policy acceptable to the NEU.

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Pay model policy

This model pay policy will help to recruit, retain and motivate teachers, provide the basis for sound financial and personnel planning and minimise the risk of grievance and discrimination.

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Pay appeals - checklist

This checklist will help you prepare for meetings about recommendations to deny pay progression and appeals hearings after a decision has been taken to deny pay progression.

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Winning pay appeals

This guide gives advice on securing pay progression by persuading governors not to accept a recommendation to deny pay progression or by appealing successfully against a decision to deny progression.

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Securing pay progression

This is a guide on steering a course through your appraisal and the pay decision process to ensure that you can secure pay progression.

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