Pay advice
Pay scales 2019-20

The joint union pay scales show the impact of the 2.75% uplift to the teachers’ pay ranges for 2019-20, when applied to the individual pay points.

Pay loss calculator
Pay loss calculator

This calculator estimates, using the latest inflation forecasts, the impact on your pay of the 2.75% pay increase for September 2019 announced by the Government on 22 July.

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Pay progression and appeals - London region

This one-day course is designed to ensure that NEU reps and local officers are briefed and up-to-date on issues surrounding the imposition of performance related pay on teachers.

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NEU pay policy checklist

This checklist should be used alongside the National Education Union model policy to help you negotiate a policy acceptable to the NEU.

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Pay toolkit

Use our pay toolkit to secure pay progression, by taking collective action or by pursuing and winning appeals against decisions that individual teachers should not progress. 

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Pay advice

Advice on pay scales, pay progression and how to secure fair pay in your workplace.

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Report June 2018

A survey of our members has found education staff are cutting their hours to make sure their weekends are work-free.


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Residential teachers

Pay and conditions for teachers in residential establishments are aligned with those in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) and Burgundy Book, other than the following allowances and pay scales for pay scales for allowances.

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NEU evidence to the School Teachers’ Review Body

The latest NEU evidence to the School Teachers’ Review Body, which is reviewing teacher pay in England, sets out our case for a fully-funded pay increase for all teacher points and allowances of 5% in September 2019, for further pay increases to restore the cuts in teacher pay since 2010 and for an urgent review to establish appropriate pay for teachers for the long term.

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Pay appeals

Advice on identifying the grounds for a pay appeal and on how members might run a successful pay appeal

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TLR payments and other allowances

Advice on Teaching & Learning Responsibility Payments (TLRs) and other allowances such as Special Educational Needs allowances and Recruitment and Retention payments.

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Supply teachers - pay, conditions and working time

What should I expect to be paid as an agency supply teacher? What should I be paid for supply work of less than a day in duration? What happens if a school wants to offer me a permanent job? These and many other key questions are covered in this introductory guide to supply teaching.

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Unattached teachers

This guidance summarises the position in respect of pay and conditions for unattached teachers employed by local authorities.

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Starting pay on appointment

This guidance is aimed at new teachers and those returning to teaching service after a break. It explains the basics of the pay structure and gives advice on ensuring you are fairly paid and able to seek the most favourable use of pay discretions.

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Pay scales 2018-19

The joint union pay scales show the impact of the uplift to the teachers’ pay ranges for 2018-19, when applied to the individual pay points on those ranges recommended in our joint advice for 2017-18.

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Support staff pay and conditions

Pay and conditions agreement for support staff - most LA schools use the local government pay scales to pay their support staff in conjunction with National Joint Council (NJC) terms and conditions.

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Redundancy pay and entitlements

Advice explaining the payments and entitlements you may receive if your post becomes redundant. In any case where redundancy is threatened, specific advice and assistance is available and should be sought from your school/college rep or division/association/branch secretary.

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Pay in the independent sector

As private businesses outside the national collective bargaining structure in the maintained sector, independent schools have greater freedom to set their own terms and conditions of employment.

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Winning pay appeals

This guide gives advice on securing pay progression by persuading governors not to accept a recommendation to deny pay progression or by appealing successfully against a decision to deny progression.

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Securing pay progression

This is a guide on steering a course through your appraisal and the pay decision process to ensure that you can secure pay progression.

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Notice periods

This guidance sets out the obligations of employers and employees in relation to notice periods and notice pay.

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Pay scales 2017-18

Details of the recommended NEU pay scales for teachers and leaders, which we wish to see all schools adopt.

Press release

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NEU pay survey

Almost 34,000 teachers have responded to a National Education Union pay survey, which shows alarming levels of dissatisfaction both with levels of pay and with the performance related pay (PRP) system in schools.

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Teachers’ Pay: Joint Union Call for 5% Increase

Organisations representing the overwhelming majority of teachers and school leaders in England have urged the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) to recommend an immediate pay increase of 5% for all teachers and leaders, which should be funded in full by the Government.

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Nick Gibb on School Funding

Nick Gibb’s written statement to Parliament ignores the fact that recent reports show education funding is in crisis - Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union comments.



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Pay progression and appeals - Northern region

This one-day course is designed to ensure that NEU reps and local officers are briefed and up-to-date on issues surrounding the imposition of performance related pay on teachers.

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