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Department of Education NI launch Engage Programme

The Department of Education NI (DENI) have announcement a major programme aimed at addressing the impact of Covid-19 on children’s learning. This is a scheme that NEU have been campaigning for as part of the school -re-start’ negotiations.

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Coronavirus: New School Day

This guidance has been developed for education settings, to support a safe reopening of schools in line with the Northern Ireland Executive’s “Coronavirus Executive Approach to Decision-Making” published on 12 May 2020.

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NEU NI Reps Training

NEU Northern Ireland (in partnership with INTO & UTU) also offer a series of training courses each year in both Belfast and Derry.

Autumn Frontline
Autumn Frontline 2019

Your Autumn-Winter edition of Frontline newsletter: the pay deal explained: Q&A with Mark Langhammer, regional secretary; teacher governors: things to know; CPD opportunities.


Stressed School Teacher Advice
Teachers’ Time Budget Arrangements

As negotiated by NEU along with colleague in the NITC, until individual time budgets are in place, no teacher should be directed to work more than 32.4 hours in a single week.


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Back to School: Full Week One

We did it, we’re back and we’re making it work! Colette Thompson, literacy specialist and vice-chair of Fighting Words, Northern Ireland reflects on the first full week back at school.

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School restart across Europe

With school restart imminent in Northern Ireland, and many teachers confused by rushed, often contradictory advice and guidance, Mark Langhammer looks at the school-restart experience of some of our neighbours across Europe.

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Coronavirus: Should we trust the UK Government?

Week of 30 March, Professor Scally published important articles in the Irish Times and Irish News which were widely read and debated, and get to the heart of the UK Government’s approach to the Covid-19 crisis. Prof. Scally’s article is reproduced here in full, without the need for further comment.

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