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Coronavirus: leaders

The NEU is committed to helping you ensure safety in the workplace for all staff and students in schools and colleges during this very challenging time.

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Empowering and developing middle leaders

Heads of department, curriculum leaders, SENCOs and NQT mentors flourish in their roles when they are provided with adequate time, development opportunities and collaborative support.

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NEU Leadership on Guild

Join the NEU's Leadership member community to offer and seek support, share best practice and shape the future of education.

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Lead Autumn 2021

Your Autumn edition of Lead - Lorna Jackson on anti-racist education; time's up for Ofsted; managing mental health; social media savvy.

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Lead Spring 2022

Your Spring 2022 edition of Lead: Pension changes - TPS updates; replace Ofsted - for a fairer system; disability discrimination - one teacher's battle; post-Covid teaching - become trauma-informed.

Leadership abstract
NEU Leadership

Schools and colleges need to be effectively led by leaders and managers who are well supported and developed to meet and succeed in an immensely challenging education environment.


Menopause checklist Advice
Menopause guide and checklist for leaders

NEU leadership members are key to supporting women going through the menopause in the workplace. As a leader, you’re not alone. Collaboration between leaders, governors, workplace reps, health and safety reps and a staff support network can go a long way towards creating a supportive environment for women experiencing menopause symptoms at work.

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