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Coronavirus: face coverings

A joint letter is going out 4 May 2021 to Gavin Williamson, Education Secretary urging him not to relax the measures around the wearing of face coverings in schools and colleges.

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Covid-19 and schools

The latest weekly National Education Union (NEU) report on education Covid-19 data.

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Children’s Commissioner

We all want schools to open – as soon as it is safe to do so. The NEU’s five tests do not require a vaccine, which will be many months away.


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Tuberculosis in Schools

This briefing gives information about tuberculosis (TB) and steps to be taken when cases arise in schools among students or teachers.

Hand washing Advice
Hygiene control in schools

Advice on the appropriate hygiene procedures for schools which will help to prevent the spread of blood-borne viruses such as HIV and hepatitis A, B and C, and conditions such as dysentery.

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Hepatitis in schools

Advice on what precautions to take when a case of viral hepatitis arises in a school or where a known carrier of the disease is a pupil in the school.


Press release

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Vaccines for Clinically Vulnerable Children

This announcement won't have an impact on transmission rates in schools or make a significant difference to the turbulence that schools and colleges are experiencing due to Covid. This makes the case stronger for Government to introduce better mitigations. 

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SAGE on Schools Reopening

This statement from SAGE is a rebuke to Gavin Williamson. Nothing has been done to prepare for the possibility of large numbers of cases which will lead to lots of disruption for staff and pupils

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Flu Vaccines

The NEU welcomes the news that there will be a mass vaccination programme against the flu including of children.

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Labour's analysis of class sizes

The Labour Party is right to highlight this important issue. The proportion of pupils in outsized secondary classes is at its highest point in the last 40 years with 1 million children being taught in classes of more than 30. 

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MHRA on Testing in Schools

We have always supported the idea of mass testing in schools as a means to facilitate safe on-site learning, but this has to be consistent with scientific understanding.

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Independent SAGE

This is a welcome intervention by Independent SAGE, which once again exposes the enormous blind-spot that Government has towards schools.

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Ofqual Summer Symposium

Results from this year's extraordinary exams process are broadly comparable to previous years’ results, and the majority of students will not be disadvantaged by this year's process.

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Coronavirus - NFER on Remote Learning

The NFER report shows that a quarter of pupils have limited access to IT at home. Gavin Williamson confirmed in the Commons last week that only around half of requests for the Government’s free laptop scheme for disadvantaged students have so far been met.

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Coronavirus: Primary Schools

The government’s social distancing rules made it impossible for primary schools to admit all pupils before the summer holidays. Primary schools and secondary schools will not re-open to all pupils until September at the earliest.

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SAGE advice published

Today, two months since lockdown was introduced, the Government has finally granted access to some of the scientific modelling behind its proposal for schools to open more widely from June 1.

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The science on schools

It's really important that we are absolutely clear what the level of safety is and if it remains the case that we believe it to be unsafe, we will not back the wider opening of schools.

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Letter to PM on school opening

In the light of speculation on the re-opening of schools and colleges, the joint General Secretaries of the National Education Union have called on the Prime minister for clarity on how the Government will make such a decision.

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School closure policies

The UCL review indicates that school closures are effective as part of a combination of tactics. Schools can only open safely on the basis of sound scientific reasoning. We are a long way from this point.

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Action for supply teachers

Supply teachers, agency teaching assistants and others working in the education sector must have proper financial stability, on a genuine like-for-like with their directly-employed counterparts.

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Key workers

This is a very long list and could result in some schools having the majority of pupils attending. This will not achieve the goal of slowing the spread of the virus.

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Spread of coronavirus

Schools have an important role to play, but we are concerned about suggestions in recent days that larger class sizes will be recommended for indefinite periods.

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