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Class sizes at highest for years

Secondary class sizes are now at their highest for more than 40 years. Primary classes have risen again this year and are now at their highest since 2000.


Building in primary Class with their Teacher Advice
Space requirements in classrooms

Overcrowding is a common problem in classrooms. Unfortunately, there are no legal minimum space requirements specifying classroom dimensions. There are, however, a number of legal provisions and sources of guidance that can be drawn upon in challenging cramped teaching areas

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This report makes for interesting reading. With almost one million children in classes of 31+ even before Covid struck, we know that we need smaller classes and more teachers if we are to avoid huge disruption to pupils' learning because of isolation.

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Sutton Trust on Social Mobility

The impact of poverty on children's confidence about their future can't be reversed within schools unless we generate economic and cultural opportunities in the communities where young people live.

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