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Theme 3: belonging and agency

The NEU’s ‘Belonging’ research highlights that staff retention is far greater where teachers know that they can make a difference and they have a strong sense of personal and professional agency in their school.

Place and belonging in schools: page banner
Theme 2: belonging and culture

The NEU’s ‘Belonging’ research puts relationships between students and staff at the heart of the cycle of connectivity where they are heard and seen for who they are.

Place and belonging in schools: page banner
Theme 1: belonging and leadership

The NEU’s ‘Belonging’ research highlights that where school leaders developed an intentional approach focused on changing learning and teaching, that this led to reshaping expectations and the culture of the school by all.

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Promoting positive and inclusive behaviour approaches in education

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Building inclusion in schools and colleges


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Violence in schools

Advice on violence issues in schools and colleges, in particular how this should be tackled by employers, and student behaviour.

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Managing behaviour

Advice for trainees on managing behaviour in the classroom, including physical and social contact and infatuations.

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Behaviour Support

This announcement is silent about the pressures on disadvantaged schools, where more teachers are leaving. Heads and teachers are only too acutely aware of what they want to do more of in order to support students, but they can't because of funding and staffing cuts.

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