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Fair Grade 2021

After the fiasco of the 2020 exam results, Government must make sure GCSE, A-level and vocational qualification students in 2021 are rewarded for their achievements and none are disadvantaged.

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DfE report on Baseline

The DfE's report demonstrates only that baseline assessment meets the requirements set out for it by the DfE, which is no real statement at all.

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Queen’s speech

Our schools and colleges cannot offer the world class education our children and young people deserve without proper levels of funding. Additional money has been given but it falls way short of what is actually needed.

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We are the NEU

Watch and share: our members tell the real story of the school cuts that are devastating schools and colleges - and why joining NEU is the way forward.

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Assessment campaign

After Covid-19, we need reform of our assessment and exams systems to make them fit for the future.


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Guidance for results days in 2020

In any normal year there can be great anxiety for students, parents, carers and education staff in and around results day. This year will be no different but will have the added complexity of the extraordinary situation for awarding grades, appeals and entries into the autumn series.

Marking Advice
Workload : marking

The Independent Teacher Workload Review Groups were established by the DfE to report on, and suggest solutions to, unnecessary burdens associated with marking, planning and data management.


Ciaran O'Halloran, Northern Ireland Blog
Peter Weir's executive dysfunction

Ciaran O’Halloran, NEU member, head of drama at a school in Belfast, and an examiner for Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC) shares his thoughts on the ministerial decision on WJEC exams in Northern Ireland.

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Defending the principles of early years education

Following the recent sector-led response to proposed changes to the EYFS, early years expert, Dr Sue Allingham, of Keeping Early Years Unique, sets out the concerns of the sector, and the principles which must be defended.

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An historic week for primary education

Two of our major political parties have made clear that the assessment and accountability system under which schools have laboured for nearly 30 years can no longer be tolerated.

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Baseline Assessment

“This year of all years is a terrible time to introduce a statutory requirement to introduce a baseline test which is designed not to give information to either teachers or parents.

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Awarding Grades for 2021

Government acted too late. Had there been steps taken at the start of the academic year to prepare for the eventuality that exams may not be able to happen, this could have been more easily resolved.

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Gavin Williamson on 2021 Exams

The principle of trusting teachers rather than algorithms is absolutely the right one to take. The fact that the Government originally did not do so last summer was what caused upset and chaos for students.

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SATs Cancelled

Teachers and parents will be relieved that Gavin Williamson has faced up to reality and cancelled this year's SATs tests.

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DfE on Primary Assessment

Teachers require an assurance that the results of key stage 2 tests in 2021, which cannot possibly be a measure of the quality of a school, will not be used as a measure of accountability.

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Education Committee on Exams

The National Education Union agrees with the Education Select Committee’s conclusion that exams for 2021 must take account of the differential impacts of access to education across the country.

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EPI on School attendance rates

With high numbers of pupils and staff having to isolate as a result of Covid cases in their school, Govt decisions are doubling the difficulties faced by disadvantaged children and young people.

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NAHT: Cancellation of SATs 2021

We welcome the NAHT stand. Teachers and headteachers are now united in their call for cancellation: the Government should listen. Statutory assessment in 2020/1 serves no useful purpose.

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Exams in Scotland

Whereas the English Government still resists committing itself to a full independent review of what went wrong in summer 2020, the report commissioned in Scotland has already been delivered and acted upon.

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Proposal for Awarding Exams Grades in 2021

Five education organisations, representing school leaders, teachers, and governors, have submitted a set of joint proposals to make next summer’s A-levels and GCSEs as fair as possible amidst the ongoing disruption of the Covid pandemic.

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GCSE Results 2020

We commend the students and staff who have supported them this year. They have shown great patience throughout the challenges of lockdown and last week's shambolic uncertainty. 

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Bigger changes needed for 2021

The Joint General Secretaries of the National Education Union have written to Gavin Williamson the Education Secretary, setting out why the disastrous handling of this year’s exam results must never happen again.

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A level grades in Wales

NEU Cymru wishes many congratulations to those who have secured expected grades and we trust that the adjustment and appeals processes will be robust enough to deal with all anomalies that may have arisen.

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A-Level Results

The politics of results season 2020 has drowned out the most important point - that students must be congratulated for their hard work and patience through a difficult time for the whole nation.

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Ofqual Summer Symposium

Results from this year's extraordinary exams process are broadly comparable to previous years’ results, and the majority of students will not be disadvantaged by this year's process.

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We welcome this announcement from Government. Evidence shows teacher-assessed grades are reliable and valid.

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NFER report on T Levels

NFER is right that there has to be a concerted effort to raise awareness about the new T Level awards, particularly around the uncertainty about progression routes.

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Liberal Democrats Manifesto

NEU welcomes the the Liberal Democrats commitment to abolish primary SATs testing. These tests, beloved of the Government, cause enormous stress and narrowing of the curriculum – they do not produce useful information for teachers.

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Malpractice Commission

The recommendations to spread best practice and take advantage of technological advances in order to help prevent malpractice, where it does occur, are sensible.

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Provisional SATs results

Today’s report will do nothing to halt the growing demand to abolish the SATs-based system, and replace it with one which support’s pupils’ learning, and does more to trust teachers’ professional judgment.

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GCSE Results

Congratulations to all those receiving their GCSE results today. They are a testament to the hard work of students and all those who have supported them, including education professionals.

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Primary teachers support NEU’s campaign for an alternative to SATs

With this year’s SATs results published today, the findings of the largest poll of primary school practitioners ever undertaken gives a ringing endorsement of the National Education Union’s (NEU) campaign to end damaging high-stakes tests in primary schools. It also sends a clear message to Government that the current assessment system must change.

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Accountability and Assessment

Commenting on the passing of Motion 30 at the Annual Conference of the National Education Union, Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said: "The resolution demonstrates the conviction of those who work in English education that our system of assessment and accountability is not fit for purpose".

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Valid assessment for all

Commenting on the passing of Motion 35 at the Annual Conference of the National Education Union, Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said: “With this resolution, the Union adds its voice to the rising concern about the effects and educational value of exams at 16+.

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YouGov/More Than A Score survey on testing

Commenting on the results of a YouGov survey commissioned by More than a Score, released today, which shows the level of school leaders’ frustrations with the Government’s assessment regime, Dr Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said:

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Performance Tables

Nansi Ellis, Assistant General Secretary NEU has commented on the secondary school performance tables, published today by the Department for Education.

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Capita and Primary School Tests

Capita is set to make a vast profit at the expense of young primary children’s mental health and well-being, after the award of a £109 million contract by the government, says the NEU.


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Squeezing the love out of learning

CHILDREN crying, having nightmares and being so stressed they needed extra support to cope with SATs were just some of the findings of a National Education Union (NEU) survey on primary assessment.


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