About the NEU
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NEU privacy policy

This privacy notice was updated in March 2021 and explains what to expect when the National Education Union (NEU) collects and processes your personal and sensitive data.

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NEU Executive

The Executive is responsible for the governance, management and control of the Union in accordance with the Rules.

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About the NEU

The National Education Union is the union for every education professional.

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NEU annual return and statement to members

Statement to members of the National Education Union for the 12 months ended August 2021 as required by section 32a of trade union and labour relations (consolidation) act 1992 and the Industrial Relations (Northern Ireland) Order 1992, Article11A- (1)

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NEU gender pay gap

Narrative on National Education Union employee gender and pay. We are absolutely committed to continuing to reduce our gender pay gap.

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NEU and MU Joint membership

The National Education Union and Musicians’ Union have created a partnership to strengthen the promotion of music education in schools.

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Political fund

The National Education Union is the UK’s largest education union, and we use our 450,000 members’ strength of voice to influence political parties on the issues which matter most

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Non-member complaints procedure

This section sets out the procedure for external bodies to raise concerns about the conduct of an NEU representative whether they are an elected officer of the Union or a member of staff.

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NEU member complaints procedure

The Union recognises that there may be times when members wish to express concerns about the actions of the Union, elected officers or staff. This procedure sets out the process for raising concerns.

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NEU policy

Details about NEU policy including our position on key education issues.

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Get involved

NEU is one of the strongest and fastest growing education unions in the UK and much of our success is due to our enthusiastic, dedicated and hard-working members.

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NEU in the independent sector

NEU is the largest single union in the independent sector with over 30,000 members in 1,700 schools. We represent more teachers and support staff working in independent schools than any other union.

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