GDST TPS campaign

GDST is proposing to pull out of the Teacher Pension Scheme (TPS) and has issued S188 notices threatening teaching staff with ‘fire and rehire’ if they don’t agree to the changes.

During the pandemic, teachers and support staff worked tirelessly in difficult conditions to maintain the girls’ education, earning the deep gratitude of parents.

Support the campaign

NEU members can write to their local MPs here

Parents can write to the CEO and Chair of Trustees here

Why are staff taking action?

The proposal would leave Trust teachers on significantly worse terms and conditions than colleagues teaching at local state schools. It is likely that there will be a talent drain from the Trust as teachers and leaders are forced to leave to protect their retirement.

NEU members have regarded the Trust as a good employer and they are shocked by the Trust’s threat to issue legal notice to “fire and rehire” them in order to enforce the contractual change.

NEU members are committed to consultation and hope they can persuade the Trust that withdrawing from the TPS is a strategic mistake. Not only is it a significant pay cut for teachers but would also damage the ability of the schools to recruit and retain quality teachers in future.

GDST has not provided any documentary evidence to substantiate their claim that the TPS is unaffordable.

NEU members in over 60 other independent schools have successfully defended their hard-earned pension through collective action, up to and including strike action.