Aims of award

The Award seeks to foster and celebrate significant and exemplary contributions to international solidarity at branch/district/school level. The Award aims to:

  • develop effective Union/school leadership and a whole branch/district/school approach to international solidarity;
  • recognise the international solidarity work of lay members on an ongoing basis;
  • acknowledge and celebrate existing good practice in international solidarity work at branch / district / school level;
  • build on existing international solidarity work in branches, districts and schools;
  • support and share international solidarity work in the regions and the Nations;
  • encourage innovation and new developments in international solidarity work in schools and in Union activity;
  • provide a mechanism for celebrating the work of the Union’s International Solidarity Officers; and
  • showcase ways in which teachers use the curriculum to promote and encourage pupils to be involved in international solidarity.

The Award will be granted to an individual member or groups of members who have made significant and exemplary contributions to international solidarity in their school or branch/district.


  1. All lay members are eligible for the award with the exception of paid officials or staff of the Union and Executive members.
  2. The activities for which the member has been nominated should have occurred in the calendar year preceding the year of the Annual Conference (e.g. January 1 to December 31 2020 for Annual Conference 2021).
  3. Exemplary contributions to a district or branch could include increasing participation and involvement of members, for example through activities related   to international solidarity and new branch/district/school events such as World Teachers’ Day or International Day for Disabled Persons.
  4. Exemplary contributions to a school could be evaluated on the basis of the impact on pupils, teachers, and other members of the school community. These may have occurred in conjunction with pre-existing initiatives such as, for example, International Women’s Day or Holocaust Memorial Day or the development  of school international solidarity strategies or projects. The contribution should have made a significant impact in reshaping or adding new elements to pre-existing initiatives in order to be considered for the award.
  5. The National Awards Panel (see below) will give particular consideration to nominations which demonstrate innovation and initiatives in promoting international solidarity in a school or district / branch.

Judging Panel 2021

The panel for judging the Award comprise the members of the Executive’s International Committee at a meeting in the Spring Term.

Nomination form

Apply now using the nomination form.