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The DfE advises about regularly and rigorously reinforcing new rules and behaviour, for example in relation to who is allowed on site and in relation to, for example, taking books home.

Questions for reps to ask:

  • Will guidance and training be provided for staff to ensure they understand, and can enforce, the new routines and support pupils in understanding them and are familiar with revised physical arrangements, well in advance on when wider opening begins?
  • Will individual pupil risk assessments be in place for all pupils who exhibit anti-social behaviour, eg biting, before a decision is made about admitting them under the new arrangements?
  • Will compassionate and proportionate behaviour policies that protect health and safety, while also supporting pupils who may exhibit problematic behaviours as a response to trauma they may have experienced during lockdown, be in place by the time wider opening begins?
  • It will not be safe to mark children’s books during this period.  Will clear instruction be given that no marking should take place and the books should not be taken to and from home/school?
  • Will staff be told to wash their hands before and after handling pupils’ books?
  • Will library books be regularly sanitised?
  • Some teaching assistants will be used to working in very close proximity to individual pupils, so how can this work continue in a safe manner?
  • Have parents been informed about new arrangements for drop off and pick up routines?
  • Have other regular visitors to the school, eg parent volunteers, been informed that they should not attend at this time?
  • Do essential contractors, including those who deliver food, understand how they may access the premises and what precautions are expected of them while they are on site?
  • Are catering staff aware of new safe working practices?

Are you satisfied that these issues have been adequately addressed before extended opening begins?  Yes / No

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