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The DfE sets out suggestions for reintegrating pupils into new routines, including teaching and supervising health and hygiene arrangements such as handwashing, tissue disposal and toilet flushing and setting out what needs to happen in relation to the washing of resources.

Questions for reps to ask:

  • The DfE toolkit recommends that children should be taught not to touch their faces – how can this realistically be taught or monitored?
  • It is also recommended that resources for painting, sticking and cutting be washed before and after use – what additional staff resources will be allocated to these tasks, given that these materials are likely to be in constant use? 
  • How will staff ensure that children do not share these resources?
  • How will staff be supported to teach outside their usual year group/key stage responsibility?
  • Has time been given for staff to work together to agree shared priorities for children’s learning?
  • Has time been identified for staff to work together to prepare teaching, particularly to adjust their teaching of practical lessons and of play-based curriculum without shared physical resources?
  • Has support been given to teaching assistants to prepare for supporting pupils?
  • How will staff maintain continuity of learning and support as pupils begin to return, but have additional periods of time away?

Are you satisfied that these issues will be adequately addressed by the time extended opening begins? Yes / No

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