Branch and District General Meetings

The dates for the district meetings in 2020-21 are:

Meetings in 2020-21
21 September

Provisional district accounts for 2019-20

25 November

Annual Conference 2021 Motions

Election of Annual Conference delegates for 2021

3 February Prioritise conference motions 
17 March Branch elections
26 May AGM

All members are welcome to attend the district meetings. Branch meetings are for those who work in a state school in South Gloucestershire. The time and location will be sent to local members in a final notice at least seven days prior each meeting. A branch meeting for the State Employed Branch in South Gloucestershire will precede each of the district meetings. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all meetings are currently being held online.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are usually held once per term. The dates in 2020-21 are: 7 September, 9 November, 11 January, 1 March, 26 April and 14 June.

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