Annual Conference 2019 - Liverpool

The district sent seven representatives and one observer to Annual Conference in Liverpool held in April 2019.

Michael Carter, Daniel Cook, Lana Crosbie, Lee Everson, Zoe Faullhurst, Peter McMenamin, Leo Nikolaidis and Nigel Varley (observer).

Annual Conference 2020 - Bournemouth

The district would have be sending six representatives to Annual Conference in Bournemouth on the 6-9 April. However conference was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Michael Carter, Lana Crosbie, Laura Cobbett, Lee Everson, Marcus John and Leo Nikolaidis. 

A special conference was subsequently held by the NEU on Saturday 3 October 2020 to conduct essential business and to discuss three special motions related to COVID-19. Our representatives above attended this virtual conference.

Annual Conference 2021

This was a virtual conference, held on the 7-9 April 2021. The following representatives from the district were nominated at the November 2020 General Meeting and attended:

Michael Carter, Lana Crosbie, Lee Everson, Lucy Jacobson and Leo Nikolaidis.

Annual Conference 2022 - Bournemouth

This will take place in Bournemouth between the 11-14 April 2022. The district will probably have up to eight representatives, who will be chosen at the district's General Meeting in November 2021. 

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