Gloucestershire NEU Committee

Our Committee is made up of serving and retired teachers, who all work to help support all staff working in education. You will see from the list, we are a very active group supporting members in a wide number of roles, but we do have some committee spaces available. If you are interested in helping to support other educators, please contact Sarah Murphy.

District Secretary: Sarah Murphy

President: Andy Johnson

Vice President: Dave Hampson

Ex-President: David Sutherland

Assistant Secretary: Dann Beard

Treasurer: Dave Sutherland

Supply Teachers Officer: Sandra Chambers

New Educators and Young Professionals Officer: Sam Perkins

Equality and Diversity Officer: Dann Beard

Retired Teachers Officer: Ian Morgan

Independent Schools Officer: Alan Porter

Support Staff Officer: Michelle Littlegray

Post-16 Officer: Judy Cera

Electronic Media Officer: Gina Prescott and Sam Perkins

Other Committee Members: Garry Wheeler, Claire Price, Dave Hampson, Hazel Bridges, Jan Langford

Current Vacancies:  Member Support Officer, Health and Safety Officer, International Solidarity Officer, Membership and Recruitment Officer, Learning and CDP Officer