Soulbury pay agreement

This year's pay agreement for Soulbury paid members has been negotiated.
The Soulbury trade unions have reached an agreement with the employers on the following:
  • a 2.0% increase on all Soulbury pay scale points, and all London area allowances, on a backdated basis from 1 September 2018
  • a further 2.0% increase on pay points and allowances from 1 September 2019
  • a commitment to further discussions about structural changes to the Soulbury pay spines and ranges
  • an agreement to amend the Soulbury Report to recommend its provisions as terms and conditions of employment not only to local authorities but also to others engaged in the provision of such services.
The overwhelming majority of those who responded to our consultation on the pay offer agreed that the National Education Union should reach an agreement on this basis.
While the increases are less than what we were seeking, they are consistent with other pay agreements in local government this year.
The 2% increase from September 2018 is slightly higher than the 1.5% increase for school leaders.

Please note this document was updated 3 December 2018 with the following:

Salary scales to consist of six consecutive points based on the duties and responsibilities attaching to posts and the need to recruit retain and motivate staff.

*Extension to scale to accommodate structured professional assessment points.